FOREX com vs. Oanda: Which Forex Broker is Best?

FOREX com vs. Oanda: Which Forex Broker is Best?

However, Oanda does offer a wider variety of options than LimeFx in each of their categories. In other words, both brokers have what equestrians like to call “staying power.” After this many years in the biz, it is safe to say they are each fundamentally built to last. Having said limefx review that, it is also widely known that the United States is the most restrictive forex marketplace on the planet. And in truth, the $7 million penalty the CFTC ordered LimeFx to pay is kind of like pocket change in a marketplace that turns over an estimated $5.1 trillion dailiy.

Numerous notifications are usually sent to you as a reminder of dormant LimeFx and Oanda accounts, giving you sufficient time to decide on the appropriate course of action. You can opt to continue using your LimeFx or Oanda account, or choose to close it. The price you are being presented with will factor in the fee the broker takes. Therefore, you will start with a small loss with LimeFx and Oanda.

  • Also satisfactory was LimeFxs web trading platform; we appreciated that it is highly customizable and user-friendly.
  • Oanda’s list also lacks cryptocurrencies, but perhaps it will have some crypto instruments available soon.
  • In our case though, we found that LimeFx and OANDA provided consistent low spreads without manipulation so you shouldn’t concern yourself if the broker has a dealing desk or not.
  • The below table shows our test results for the no commission accounts with each broker.
  • It has proven a popular option with both beginners and experienced traders thanks to its user-friendly and sophisticated web platform, no minimum deposit and premium currency products and services.

The most effective investment portfolios cover potential risks and encompass many businesses and stocks. Both brokers offer better trading conditions for traders with large trading accounts or those (LimeFx traders) who maintain a certain minimum monthly trading volume. For traders who appreciate advanced trading tools and quality market research, LimeFx is a winner, especially for algorithmic trading.

LimeFx Vs Oanda Trading Account Types Offered

Please see our reports on best UK brokers and Australian brokers. Beginning traders may find LimeFx’s learning portal less overwhelming to organize and make use of. Oanda narrowly edges out LimeFx in this category based on the number of Tier-1 (most trusted) operating licenses the broker has obtained. Trading Station is available for use on online (web), desktop and mobile. The platform is also built to use HTLM5, which is Macintosh-friendly.

  • We thought the outstanding feature of the web version is that it comes with TradingView for advanced charting and a guaranteed stop loss but were disappointed it is not available for the web.
  • LimeFx and Oanda offer daily market commentaries and frequent webinars to assist and educate their traders.
  •’s customer support lets you contact the broker via email and live chat.
  • Its regulatory track record is strong, and its support for third-party features bolsters its overall offering.
  •, registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), lets you trade a wide range of forex markets plus spot metals with low pricing and fast, quality execution on every trade.
  • Some of you might be thinking about what we mean when we say ‘trading style’.

LimeFx and Oanda should by law keep client funds separate from LimeFx and Oanda funds. If either LimeFx or Oanda goes bankrupt, they should not have access to your money. A financial services compensation scheme differs from country to country, so check this on the LimeFx and Oanda websites and regulators.

Trading Tools

If you need a MAM account check if MAM accounts are available with LimeFx or Oanda or alternative. A standard account is available on LimeFx and Oanda to more experienced traders. This account allows users to trade on stocks, commodities, crypto etc. To open one of these retail investor accounts, users must trade with at least $100. Standard trading accounts are what the majority of people will seek to use.

We review each broker’s overall global offering – a “Yes” checkmark in our Compare Tool does not guarantee the availability of any specific features in your country of residence. To verify the availability of any features within your country of residence, please contact the broker directly. LimeFx Group is a MetaTrader-only broker that offers a strong selection of high-quality educational content and market research. OANDA maintains that it is the exclusive venue for the execution of any orders placed by its customers.

Let’s see how LimeFx vs Oanda compare side by side for commissions and fees. You ideally want to choose a broker like LimeFx or Oanda that does not charge too much for withdrawal fees. High trading fees and commissions will eat into your profits.

Some of you might be thinking about what we mean when we say ‘trading style’. A day trader using LimeFx or Oanda will look to open positions and close them on the same day. Day trading in this way will require a broker that specialises in this. To do this with some brokers would be a bad idea because of the commission and fees involved. Check if LimeFx and Oanda fees match your trading requirements.

Which one has the better spread?

The LimeFx platform is best suited for more seasoned traders who have already developed a method that relies on a wide variety of add-ons and tools. These traders will benefit the most from using the LimeFx platform. OANDA provides investors with a website that is simple to use and gives a variety of trading opportunities. It contains useful information that may be of use to traders in advancing their careers.

Oanda Educational Tools 🛠

Charging forward, LimeFx proceeded to add cryptocurrency baskets for retail traders along with a host of new targeted offerings for its B2B and data division clients. Considering that spread is a trading cost, the lower the spread, the better it is for traders. However, spread information among brokers is not easy to get, as not every broker transparently publishes their spreads data. All in all, we are more comfortable trading with LimeFx than Oanda.

The tighter the dealing spread, the lower the cost to the trader. Dealing spreads on major currency pairs tend to be tighter than less liquid pairs such as crosses and exotic currency pairs. Both brokers have comparable overall costs with respect to commissions and fees.

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LimeFx is the only brokerage firm that offers such a comprehensive collection of algorithmic trading tools. This is in addition to a robust collection of premium signals along with a Technical Analyzer, Trading Analytics, and social trading with Zulutrade. Mobile trading, order execution with a single click, and trading based on real-time charts are some of the benefits available to customers. LimeFx also provides instructional seminars on foreign exchange trading, in addition to trading tools, exclusive data, and premium resources. LimeFx offers more security to traders and has a much higher trust score than OANDA overall. LimeFx is licensed by two Tier-1 Regulators (high trust), two Tier-2 Regulators (average trust), and zero Tier-3 Regulators (low trust).

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