Philippine Wedding Customs

Philippine Wedding Customs

Traditionally, Filipino weddings occur at the Catholic church. Nevertheless , civil marriages are also well-accepted. The government has turned policies to ensure that Filipino weddings are cost-effective.

The Philippine wedding ceremony usually usually lasts for 2 hours. The bride would wear a regular white costume and veil. She is as well accompanied by groomsmen wearing a traditional barong. The bridegroom wears a regular hand-embroidered formal shirt.

During the wedding, the officiant pours rice over the hands of the couple. This is a tradition that dates back for the ancient days. This is a symbol of a blessing to the couple’s long term together. The rice grains can also be symbolic of rain and bounty. The newlyweds also take in rice grain for the first time like a couple.

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After the feast day, the bride and groom enter the reception venue. The wedding attendants then execute a dance relationship with vietnamese woman known as the money dance. Friends pin purple envelopes filled with money on to the product of the few. These papers are likewise pinned on purses.

Another important Filipino wedding traditions is the tying or braiding of the nuptial cord. This cord is draped around the few which is a sign of eternal like and binding. Also, it is believed to refuse evil spirits.

Another Philippine wedding custom is the usage of a unity candle. This symbolizes the bonding from the couple’s friends and family. It also represents the light of Jesus Christ.

The wedding ceremony is also generally extended. Additionally , a handaan is placed, which is a banquet for the newlyweds. The meal requires a variety of Filipino food favs.

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