What Traits Make a Successful Board Member?

What Traits Make a Successful Board Member?

There are many characteristics that can make a board member successful such as social connections and wealth to expertise in a particular field. There are certain intangibles however they are the key to a successful director. They include the capacity to think outside of the box and the ability to remain detached when discussing emotional topics.

Board members must also possess the necessary communication skills because they will be communicating sensitive information both during and out of meetings. Board members need to be able effectively communicate both verbally as well as in writing. A successful board member must have a strong moral code and a desire for the business to succeed.

Having the right mix of board members is vital for the success of a nonprofit. Creative directors can provide a fresh perspective on problems that may be stalled or not being addressed properly. Likewise, the addition of an expert in finance can ensure that crucial financial issues are being taken into consideration from all angles.

The nominating body should take the time necessary to ensure that the new board members have the proper knowledge and a sense of independence. A good nominating committee will seek candidates who have a wide range of skills, such as an understanding of www.boardcontest.com/four-tips-to-make-you-a-successful-board-member/ the nonprofit’s operations and strategies, as well as its stakeholders. It is also important for the board to avoid having multiple memberships, which could limit its effectiveness.

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